Teaching, networking and communicating to other professionals in the wedding industry is a passion of mine. Having worked in the industry for almost 10 years, I can provide great insight into the highs and lows of running a wedding business. In the past, I have spoken at several industry conferences and workshops, lead panel discussions and hosted one-on-one mentoring sessions with attendees.

If you are hosting a wedding industry workshop or conference and would like to know more about what topics are close to my heart, please email me directly at candice@eventjubilee.com.





I’ll be speaking at The Signature CEO Conference on November 6 – 7th! This wedding industry conference was inspired and created by a small business owner who wanted to create an environment for other small business owners/creatives in the wedding/event planning community to reach their highest potential in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

This 2-day event is an opportunity for individuals to experience a hands-on instructional conference to bridge the gap between business acumen and leadership, and to challenge and empower creatives in the wedding and event planning community!

Save the Date: November 6th & 7th
Location: Harbour View
Founder & Producer: Tara Melvin of Perfect Planning Events @perfectplanning


From the Host: I am so honored and humbled to have Candice Coppola on the show today. Candice is an industry veteran with over ten years of experience as a wedding planner and designer. Candice is the founder and principal planner at Jubilee Events and Jubilee Events: Caribbean as well as the co-author of the inspirational coffee table book, The White Dress: in Color – Inspirations for the Modern Bride. Candice’s work and words have been featured in many publications including The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, BRIDES and countless others.


This is the first episode in a three-episode series I’m doing with Candice because it was so hard to choose which topic to have her cover. Candice graciously agreed to take on all three topics over the next few weeks and in the following episodes in the series we’ll be discussing book publishing in the wedding industry followed by conferences and becoming a speaker. Stay tuned!

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From the Host: Today is the second episode of a 3-episode series that I’m doing with Candice Coppola from Jubilee Events and Jubilee Events: Caribbean. Our first episode was Episode 19 where Candice talked about mentoring in the wedding industry and basically gave us all a free 30-minute mentoring session packed with resources, advice and strategy. If you haven’t heard Episode 19 make sure you head there after you listen to today’s show.

Today we’re talking all things traditionally published books as a wedding professional. Candice is the author of The White Dress in Color: Inspirations for the Modern Bride which is an inspirational coffee table book. Candice is currently working on her second book now with the same publisher.

What I love about this episode is how raw and honest Candice is during the interview. She tells us the real story about what it takes to be published, the hard work that comes with putting together a book and the additional work that you, the author, have to do consistently even after the book is published.

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From the Host: Today’s episode is brought to you by Podcasting for Creatives my course launching on March 20th! If you’ve ever thought of starting a podcast but have no idea how to create, publish and grow your own show this course is for you or someone on your team! Go to Bit.ly/letspodcast and sign up to be the first to know when the course is available!

My guest today is Candice Coppola who is on for her third and final interview (for now) on She Creates Business. Candice has been such a wealth of information to me and to my podcast listeners and I’m so grateful that I was able to get to know her. She’s kind, generous and after ten years+ in the wedding industry, she’s seen it all.

In today’s episode, Candice goes over all things conferences, retreats and workshops. She digs into how we can choose wisely, the goals we can set for ourselves to get an ROI on.

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From the Host: Setting the stage for the Wedding Safari Podcast, Milton Lawrence Jr. interviews Candice Coppola, business coach and lead planner at Jubilee Events. The discussion included but not limited to the current state of the Wedding industry, changes and adaptation, how to increase sales and the core fundamentals of getting started in todays wedding industry.

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